Meet the four Brothers making Professions this weekend

Date: 21 Aug 2014

Brother Raymond (31) is a native of Plateau State in Nigeria. He met the Brothers while teaching accounting and economics at Government Girls Secondary School (GGSC) in Tafawa Balewa in Bauchi State.

"The Brothers have a community in Tafawa Balewa - the town in which I was teaching," Brother Raymond explains. "They would come on Sundays to our school to lead a Communion prayer service. I met Brother Paul Atole on one of these visits and that is how my journey to the Presentation Brothers began!"

After his First Profession on Saturday, Brother Raymond will visit his family in Nigeria before returning to his teaching post at Presentation Junior High School at Logre.

Brother Godfred (46) is from Fielmuo, a village in the Upper West Region (UWR) of Ghana. Godfred was already an experienced teacher when he first heard about the Presentation Brothers. He obtained his teaching qualification at Tumu Teacher Training College in UWR before teaching at primary level and, later, senior secondary level at a minor seminary.

"I met the Presentation Brothers almost by accident," says Brother Godfred. "A friend told me all about them. I had never heard of them before. Their name, "Presentation", interested me. Then, as I learned more about them, the life of Blessed Edmund Rice touched me, attracted me and invited me. I was very excited to join!"

Some 48 members of Brother Godfred's family, including his father, Gasped, will be travelling to Kongo for the Final Profession Mass.

After his Final Profession, Brother Godfred will continue as Principal at Presentation Junior High School in Logre.

Brother Theiva (33) will be making a little bit of history on Saturday morning when he kneels in the chapel at Mount St Joseph, Blarney St, Cork, to become the first Sri Lankan to profess vows as a Presentation Brother. 

Br. Theiva hails from Valipadu, Killinochchi in northern Sri Lanka. He began his formation at the International Novitiate in Killarney three years ago.

"During these years in formation, I have had the opportunity to learn so much about religious life and experience the vocation of the Presentation Brothers in a special way," he says. "The charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, brotherhood, ministry, and community living have had a profound impact on me."

"My experience of living in the International Novitiate Community has been enriching. I am very grateful to my formators for their support and encouragement. I now feel ready to give myself wholeheartedly in the service of all God’s people!"

After his First Profession, Brother Theiva will continue his studies at the Novitiate in Killarney.

Brother Joseph (38) has returned to his home country of Ghana to make his Final Profession this weekend. For the past three years he has been studying theology and pyschology at All Hallows College in Dublin and has been a member of our Glasthule community.

"My vocation story started with a letter!" explains Brother Joseph. "I discovered the Presentation Brothers when I was asked to post a letter for a friend to the late Brother Joseph Wegru. That was my first step on a journey which has led to this weekend!"

You can read Brother Joseph's interesting vocation story here

Brother Joseph worked previously as an electrician and has just completed his degree studies. He will return to Ireland after his Final Profession to study formation at Loreto House in Dublin.