Contact Days Held in Nigeria

Date: 06 Jun 2017

In one of the Presentation Brothers' communities in Nigeria, a "contact day" was held for candidates who were interested in joining the Brothers. 
This was held in the new community house in Gboko Diocese, in a town called Bunde. There were 8 at the contact. Five have so far applied to begin formal formation. Those who qualify will begin formation as Postulants sometime in October this year. Br. Paul Enokela Atole will be the Postulant Director.
In the attached photo, Br. McSimon Azenda, Vocations Director (left) and Br. Alban Besigrinee (right), development Officer for the West Africa Province, join the men who attended the contact day. Br Alban was making an official visit to the community at the time the contact days were held.