Grenada Associates Meet

Date: 20 Jun 2016

Venue: Grenada

Last week, the Associates of the Presentation Brothers, Grenada, met at the Brothers Residence on Monday 13th June, 2016. There were five members and three Brothers present. The group were especially pleased to have Brother DeLellis with them; he has retired to Ireland without severing the connection to the Brothers in Grenada.

This was the first meeting on a Monday evening, and a very good meeting was had. 

The Chairperson for the evening was Denise Clouden, who led the group through a discussion and mediation of the Corporal works of Mercy, and what these meant in Grenada today. The group explored all the ways they already fulfilled these works, and explored new ways in which they could help to spread mercy individually and through the groups to which they belong. 

As a result of this discussion and meditation, the Associates undertook to assist Brother Robert and his team in providing sandwiches for the homeless once a week, and in his ministry to prisoners. Efforts would be made to see if a member could be appointed to the Prison Visiting Committee, and to speak to the Commissioner about one or two easy but meaningful improvements that could be made to the life of the prisoners. The conditions of the prison should be expanded to include the holding cell at the Central Police Station.
With regard to sheltering the homeless, the group determined that, although this looked impossible right now, they would explore all the possibilities of setting up a night shelter for those in the town of St. George who sleep outside on a regular basis  even in the rainy season, because they have "no place to lay their head". In fulfilment of the admonition to "Clothe the naked", the group would undertake to provide a set of uniforms completely with
shoes for one boy from Presentation Brothers College who was in desperate circumstances.

Denise pointed out that the group could see their role as advocates, and activists who would obtain goods and services for projects from others outside the group. Brother Robert mentioned that he had received assistance from one of the 'friends of the Presentation Brothers who lives in the USA for the "Feeding of the Homeless" project. This contribution will go a long way to provide those much appreciated sandwiches for many. This donor has the group's grateful thanks.
After the meeting, they all enjoyed sumptuous refreshments provided by Denise, the Chairperson for the day. The Presentation Brothers Grenada live in a most beautiful spot above the city of St. George's; some pictures are included here.