Introducing Brion O'Sullivan...

Brion O'Sullivan
Brion O'Sullivan

Date: 30 Apr 2014

Brion O'Sullivan from Cork is currently working as a student volunteer with the Brothers in Ghana....

My name is Brion O' Sullivan and I am currently in the third year of a BSc in International Development and Food Policy at University College Cork. The course requires me to go on a 5 month placement with an organisation of my choice. Because of my background with the Presentation Brothers - I attended secondary school for 6 years in Pres Cork and was involved with 'Preslink' and the Edmund Rice Summer Camps - I inquired about spending my placement helping the Brothers with their projects in Ghana. 

I had already travelled to Ghana on an immersion project with the Brothers in 2008 as part of a group of 22 students and teachers. I already had some connections with the Brothers' communities, in particular both the secondary and primary schools in Kongo in the Upper East Region of Ghana. During that immersion trip my affinity with Ghanaian culture grew and I established an interest in being involved in the wide spectrum of community based projects being led there.

After some inquiries, a placement was organised by both Br. Martin Kenneally and Br. Francis Agoah to suit my educational and humanitarian aspirations. I wanted to work on the local projects which most needed help. The Brothers invited to work in three projects: at the Presentation Brothers School in Logre, in the Navrongo Health Research Centre and in a community based health clinic in Tamale. I would stay with the various Presentation Brothers Communities all throughout this venture. 

I really hope my work will add to the already noble and righteous effort being lead by all the Presentation Brothers in Ghana and I thank them for this wonderful and exiting opportunity.