"Live your religious life with authenticity"

Brothers of the West Africa Province attending the annual assembly.
Some of the attendance at the gathering.
Brother Francis Agoah, Province Leader, addresses the gathering.
Brother Emmanuel gives his report on formation to the assembly.
Some of the Brothers attending the annual assembly.

Date: 28 Apr 2014

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Our West Africa Province which covers Ghana and Nigeria held its 3rd General Assembly of Brothers at Mt St Joseph, Logre in the Upper East Region last weekend (26th April 2014). 32 Brothers attended representing all 9 of our communities.

The Province Leader, Br Francis Agoah, described the yearly gathering as a privileged time for the Brothers in the Province.  "It affords us the opportunity to interact and share ideas that will hopefully, help us to be more effective and committed Religious Brothers of the Province and Congregation," he said.

Emphasizing the effectiveness and commitment, he quoted Nietzsche in his ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ in which he observed that the Christians of his time were professing one thing and living a completely different thing.

Br Francis challenged the Brothers to lead authentic religious lives. He noted that, “if we as Religious - as Presentation Brothers - want Nietzsche, i.e. the people around us, to believe in the God we profess, in the vows we profess, then we ought to live our lives in a way that is in consonance with what we profess”.

He posed the following question: “What kind of lifestyle, what kind of ‘songs’, what kind of ‘dances’ can we adopt as Presentation Brothers in order that the sceptical Nietzsches of our time will be inspired to join us?

In his presentation, Br. Francis outlined several areas of priority for the Province:

Community and Communion

Vocation and Communication

Formation and Education


Youth formation and Child Safeguarding and Protection


Br. Emanuel Imoru also presented a report on Edmund Rice International and the formation of Temporary Professed Brothers in the Province. Br. John Dorgbadzi gave a financial report whilst Br. Valerius Sandow gave one on formation and education. The reports from the various communities and ministries were also discussed.

At the plenary session in the afternoon items sent by Brothers for the agenda were discussed and commitments made.  The province guidelines were also adopted. The day ended with an evening meal and a very enjoyable social night on the flat roof of the novitiate dining hall.

Submitted by Br Imoru. L. Emmanuel