PresLink Seminar in Mount St Joseph

The Preslink Group for 2015-16 with Br Martin Kenneally
The Preslink Group for 2015-16 with Br Martin Kenneally

Date: 13 Nov 2015

Venue: Mount St Jospeh, Cork

On Friday 13th November 2015, Br Martin Kenneally welcomed the PresLink group for 2015-16 to Mount St Joseph for a seminar. In the students' own words, this day gave them new insights into the work of the Brothers and how what they are doing in Preslink connects with the mission of Edmund Rice.

Preslink is an organisation founded in 2006 by students and staff of Presentation Brothers College, Cork. The main aim of Preslink is to develop links within the Presentation Family and to connect with Presentation Brothers Missions and projects in the developing world. Their first objective is educational – wanting to raise awareness about the challenges faced by members of the Presentation Family mainly in Ghana and Nigeria. Their second objective is to assist in practical ways - running a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year. The Chair of the group this year is Daragh O’Callaghan, while the Vice-Chair is David Higgins. 

The Transition Year students in Pres Cork have really taken ownership of Preslink and each year the work is co-ordinated by a committee of fifteen 4th Year Students. They try to motivate their fellow students and indeed the entire school community in getting behind their efforts to help the missions. In the process, they learn a lot about themselves. Fundraising activities include: “Gold Rush”; Concerts; Christmas Jumper Day; Christmas Cards; Bag Packing in Supermarkets; Easter Raffle; Whole School Quiz. In 2016, they are planning a major event to celebrate ten years of Preslink.

Preslink has had a great impact on the life of Presentation Brothers College, Cork. Preslink would like to thank all those who support them so generously. They thank especially the staff members in Pres who work with Preslink year after year. Without their support none of this would be possible.

Preslink would love to hear from other groups within the Presentation Family, and this year they hope to do some Skype calls with young people in Africa!

If anyone would like more information about Preslink, they can get in contact with the 4th year Preslink Committee, via Presentation Brothers College, Cork.