'Silver and Gold' Christmas gift catalogue launched at Brebeuf College, Toronto

Date: 01 Dec 2014

The Brebeuf College School community in Toronto have launched their 'Silver and Gold' Christmas 2014 Gift Catalogue. The catalogue lists opportunities to support young students attending Presentation Brothers' schools in Ghana. The catalogue takes its name from a well-known quotation from Blessed Edmund Rice: "Were we to know the value of...helping our neighbour for the love of God, we would value it more than silver and gold."

Here's a sample of items from the catalogue...

$5 will provide a school uniform for a primary school student
$10 will cover the cost of primary school textbooks for a child for a year 
$17.50 will fund a student's lunch for a year

Click here (pdf) to see the full catalogue of items

The organisers of the Christmas catalogue - Brother Henry, Michael Da Costa and Michael Rogers - have written this letter explaining the initiative:

Dear Friends, Family, and Benefactors,
As Christmas approaches, most of us know we will enjoy a blessed time of the year. We will be thankful for our
families, delicious food, and good cheer, and we will get satisfaction from giving and receiving presents. Others
in the world will not be so lucky.
In March of 2011 and 2013, a group of Brebeufians and other students travelled to Ghana in West Africa for a
service trip. It was an amazing experience that opened our eyes to the beauty of the African people and culture.
At the same time, from the second we landed in Accra, we could see the deplorable conditions in which many
people live, work, and study. The schools in which we volunteered are run by the Presentation Brothers.
Brebeuf College and its supporters have been raising money for these schools for many years, and we could see
the benefits that our donations have in the lives of young Ghanaians.
These small donations have helped buy textbooks, uniforms, supplies, computers, and sports equipment. They
have ensured students could attend school when their families could not afford the costs.
This “gift catalogue” lists some of the ways you may be able to help the youth of Ghana at the Presentation
schools. All donations will be spent helping the school and its students, and no money is spent on overhead or
administrative costs. Donations are tax deductible.
We thank you for your generosity! Merry Christmas!
Br. Henry Spencer FPM
Michael Da Costa
Michael Rogers

We wish the staff and students at Brebeuf every success with this super project!

“As time went on, we came to realize that the Ghanaians weren’t poor; we were.
They lived on barely anything, but still were more satisfied and grateful than us.”
-- Keith Rodrigues, Brebeuf student participant in the 2011 Ghana trip