Three Young Adults Visit Run Alpha Conference

Date: 23 Feb 2016

Venue: HTB, London

Last weekend, Presentation Brothers Youth Ministry (PBYM) Coordinator - and members of the Presentation Brothers Glasthule Alpha community - joined the bigger Alpha Ireland team to attend the #RunAlpha16 Conference in London.

Held in Holy Trinity Brompton, the Conference was a massive success. The Presentation Brothers team met people from all over Ireland, from different nationalities and all walks of life, who each are involved in Alpha.

Friday night kicked off with amazing prayer ministry and music worship. The atmosphere in HTB Brompton was electric from the start. Even among hundreds of strangers, the team felt like they were all family. Saturday was a jam-packed day of talks, workshops, group work and more music worship. Silvia-Maria was left stunned by the experience, saying "If you were not a believer in the deeper message behind Alpha before attending this conference, you were certainly a believer by the time it was finished."

Silvia-Maria testified that she could see and feel the power of the Holy Spirit touching people and helping them find peace. The welcome the team felt from not only the Alpha Ireland team but people in general was sublime. Everyone was friendly and warm and helpful. They are now eager to bring the fruits of the experiences to bear on the various Alpha courses hosted by the Presentation Family.