Presentation Brothers Support Nazareth Home For Children

Date: 10 Jan 2019

Venue: Sang, Yendi

As part of activities marking the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Presentation Brothers in West Africa, and reaching to the poor and the needy in society, the Br. Jerome Kelly Community in the Diocese of Yendi, recently made a donation of assorted goods to the Nazareth Home of God’s children at Sang in the Yendi Diocese. The community Leader, Rev. Br. David Angsuura who made the presentation, said it was a privilege to reach out and serve their younger siblings in the Nazareth Home by contributing their widow’s mite for the upkeep of our sisters, brothers and friends in the Home. Br. David thanked the staff for their commitment and praised Rev. Sr. Terese Mumuni the foundress of the Home for her humanitarian services for children in dire need, by providing shelter and health care for the orphans and abandoned babies in the area. 

Sr. Mumuni who received the donations thanked the Brothers for their generosity and prayed for God blessings for the Brothers as they celebrate 50 years of dedicated services to the poor and needy in society. ‘This is God’s Home and it depends only on the benevolence of individuals and corporate societies’ She added. The Nazareth Home of God’s children was established in 2009 in response to a distress call to rescue and provide at least a decent Home for children who were thrown away and condemned to death by their own families due to one form deformity or another.  Before the establishment of the Nazareth Home, such children were rescued by the church and sent to the Mother Theresa sisters in Kumasi and Accra in the south. The Home currently house 54 children ages between eight months to 21 years. One does not need to have plenty in order to give to the Nazareth Home but the little you can afford will put a Big Smile on the faces of these little girls and boys. Whoever has two coats, let s/he give to those who do not have, and whoever has food to eat, must do the same.